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"Shell platforms Bravo and Alpha at the Brent field."
Photo: Arne List/Wikimedia Commons

IndustriAll: "UK oil and gas workers to embark on first North Sea strike in a generation"    22/07/2016

"Almost 400 members of IndustriALL Global Union affiliates Unite and the RMT at multinational oil and gas services company Wood Group will take industrial action on 26 July in a dispute over 30 per cent pay cuts and changes to allowances.

The workers are employed by Wood Group across eight Shell oil and gas platforms in the Brent Field, located of the coast off Shetland in the North Sea. The workers will take strike action on 26 July – the first North Sea strike in a generation. They will also be taking action short of strike action. The first 24-hour stoppage will on Tuesday July 26 and will be followed by a series of other stoppages over the following weeks."


Latest News From The Secretariat

EGYPT via Center for Trade Union and Workers' Services [CTUWS] CTUWS launches new website

"On its website CTUWS is trying to open a window onto the Egyptian labour movement and highlight its events, presenting their news and presenting its issues and dilemmas with the hope of developing its services to meet more labour needs."

USA via Sunshine Publishing: "In Motion" by Andy Piascik NEW RELEASE

"In Motion, first and foremost, is a story of solidarity: the solidarity of two sisters, the solidarity of the sisters and their mother, the solidarity of the multi-racial residents of a city under siege. Most of all, In Motion is the story of the solidarity of Jackie and Jack, two passionate lovers on the cusp of adulthood seeking to live authentically."

IFWEA's Second Quarter e-bulletin of 2016 Issue 33 "Labour Solidarity Has No Borders"

In this e-bulletin: ▶ IFWEA SECRETARIAT NEWS ▶IFWEA PROGRAMME DEVELOPMENTS ▶ AFFILIATE NEWS HIGHLIGHTS ▶ SOLIDARITY IN ACTION: Check out the campaigns where you can take online action, view research and download resources.

SOUTH AFRICA via Popular Education: "Colloquium on Forging Solidarity: Southern Perspectives of Popular Education, 9 - 11 June 2016"

IFWEA Secretariat's Saliem Patel and Erna Curry attended this two day workshop. "Some fifty people gathered at the colloquium which was held at the Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch. Participants came from different organisations, including academic institutions, government, social movements and NGOs, from as far away as Chile, India, Senegal and Canada and as close as Delft, Khayelitsha and Grahamstown. They brought with them focus, energy and willingness to be creative, and a commitment to engage with critical questions both on a one on one basis, around tables, and in plenary sessions. The aims of the colloquium were to grapple with the central theme and in the process give food for thought to 20 people who are contributing chapters to a book of the same name. Presentations were made, in the main, by contributors to the forthcoming book."


The IFWEA Secretariat and Labour Research Service hosted a solidarity visit from General Secretary Manuel Cortes and President Mick Carney from Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSSA), an affiliate of IFWEA member International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)

FINLAND: YGAP Nordic School - Annual 2016 Meeting

YGAP Co-ordinators Niklas Skeppar from ABF Sweden and Katri Söder from TSL Finland had their annual meeting with former Finnish YGAPpers in Kirkkonummi. Present was Jenni Pilaste, Serveh Khalili, Milla Granlund, Rami Lindström, Tiina Vesa and Maria Nyroos.

EUROPE / SWEDEN: IFWEA Executive Committee Meeting

IFWEA Executive Committee Members have held their first meeting of 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

GLOBAL "May Day greeting from the IFWEA Secretariat"

"On behalf of the Executive Committee of IFWEA and the staff of the Secretariat, I wish to greet all our affiliates and the trade unions and worker associations they partner with and wish them success with their Mayday activities.On this historic day, I would also like to draw your attention to, and call on your support for the IFWEA resolution on Resourcing Workers Education, adopted at our 22nd General Conference in Lima in December 2015."

IFWEA Stands in Global Solidarity against Terror attacks: Message from General Secretary Sahra Ryklief, Editorials by IFWEA affiliate members Solidar in Belgium and LEF in Pakistan

General Secretary Sahra Ryklief reaffirmed IFWEA's approach of workers' education to build a democratic global society against extremism in a message to IFWEA affiliates in Pakistan and Belgium citing the Emergency Resolution Against Terrorism that was adopted in 2015 at its 22nd General Conference in Lima, Peru: “It is a great relief to know that you and your staff are safe after the shocking events. Our thoughts are with you and all in Belgium and Pakistan."

SOUTH AFRICA IFWEA and Shoprite Checkers UNI Alliance Meeting at Community House

photographs via FES Trade Union Competence Centre Sub-Sahara Africa -TUCC

ASIA: NEPAL, PAKISTAN and HONG KONG affiliates CLASS Nepal, Labour Education Foundation (LEF) and Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) Meeting

Director of LEF Khalid Mahmood and Executive Secretary General of CLASS Nepal Tilak Jang Khadka report on this regional meeting

PAKISTAN via Labour Education Foundation (LEF) "Trade unions, student unions, women rights NGOs, people’s movements have to come together to save our society." by Khalid Mahmood

'In Pakistan we need to have a very clear policy by the state to fight the ideology of extremism and militancy. There should be pubic discourse against extremis and state should encourage such progressive forces who are able to mobilise people against terrorism ideology. Trade unions, student unions, women rights NGOs, people’s movements have to come together to save our society. All the progressive, secular and democratic forces must stand together, under the banner of radical peace, justice and equality for all.'

SOUTH AFRICA: Introducing new IFWEA Affiliate Member - Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT)

"AFIT Contributes to workers education by developing and running participatory workshops and training events for farm workers. The training we do is based on the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and we have recently been working with the pedagogy of Augusto Boal who uses theatre as an education tool. We also support exchange visits between farms and it is workers at our AGM who area asked to provide input and direction to the organisations education focus. We see our meetings as important spaces for learning as well and we use meetings to build workers skills and knowledge."

EUROPE via Solidar: Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General "The day after…"

"All of us are still shocked by yesterday’s terrible terrorist attacks at Brussels International Airport and at the Maelbeek metro station, places where we (Belgians and Europeans) could have been – as we cross these places on a daily basis - on the wrong moment. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Our thoughts also go to those fire worker, policemen and –women, doctors, nurses and other staff who were immediately at the scene to help, support and save lives. The trauma will last longer than the headlines in the media. And again many questions will remain unsolved."

IFWEA Secretariat: Introducing Programme Manager Saliem Patel

"Saliem Patel is fulltime Programme Manager at IFWEA overseeing the activities of IFWEA projects including the Online Labour Academy, Study Circles Project and Youth Globalisationa Awareness Programmes (YGAPs)."

COLOMBIA: La introducción de nueva FIAET Miembro Afiliado - ENS (Escuela Nacional Sindical) / Introducing new IFWEA Affiliate Member ENS (Escuela Nacional Sindical)

'La Escuela Nacional Sindical, ENS, es fundada en Medellín en 1982 por un grupo de mujeres y hombres profesionales, profesores universitarios y dirigentes sindicales, interesados en actuar socialmente en beneficio del conjunto de trabajadoras y trabajadores colombianos desde una perspectiva pluralista, no partidista y autónoma; en aportar conocimientos y experiencias en el estudio de la realidad laboral de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras; y en la formación de sus dirigentes. Nacida como una institución dedicada a tareas educativas con sindicatos en el departamento de Antioquia, la ENS ha venido ampliando su actividad a través de los años con los sectores más vulnerables y no organizados de la población trabajadora, diversificando su actividad y ampliando su radio geográfico de acción. Escuela Nacional Sindical –ENS was founded at Medellin in 1983, by a group of professional men and women, college teachers and union leaders, interested all of the in acting socially on benefit of the Colombian working people, since a plural, nonpartisan and autonomous perspective, for providing knowledge and experiences on the study of the Colombian labor reality, and on the education of the union leaders.'

SOUTH AFRICA: Introducing new IFWEA Affiliate Member - Access Trust

Director Helga Jansen-Daugbjerg: "he challenges faced by youth are not unique to South Africa. It is an almost universal challenge in regions in both the global south, and global north, as migrant and first generation populations grow in the North. As an organisation developing networks with labour, vocational and progressive civil society organisations across regions will strengthen the work we do, and contribute to building global solidarity for the issues facing youth workers." read more, join their Facebook group here

EGYPT: Center for Trade Union And Workers' Services (CTUWS) "In Defense of the Freedom, Democracy and Independence of Union Work Independent Unions Take a Number of Steps in Addressing Public Opinion and Members of Parliament"

"A number of independent unions and labour leaders met ... Friday 18th 2016, according to an invitation from The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services in its offices in 88, Kasr Al Eini Street. The attendees came from Cairo, Helwan, Alexandria, Al Mahala, Al Sadat, Suez, Ismailia and Port Said and represented various sectors. They discussed the recently circulated laws about labour organizations especially the draft law that had been attributed to the “official” Egyptian Union of Syndicates."

EGYPT: Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS Kamal Abbas writes on "Death of a PHd Student!"

'When I met G Regini it did not cross my mind for a minute that this interview will become the most famous among the interviews and meetings I held with researchers and people concerned with labour issues, due to the tragic way that Guolio’s life ended, at the mere age of 28. When this meeting ended after no more than an hour, Guolio had left a pleasant impression on me. Throughout the interview he seemed shy and extremely polite. I was impressed with his questions that were very specific and revolved around the challenges that face the independent unions movement. Do independent unions have the ability to face these challenges; what are the future scenarios for the labour movement in light of the severe economic crisis and the escalation in the measures hostile to freedoms and to the union freedoms in particular."

IFWEA E-bulletin Issue 31 / Fourth Quarter 2015 "Report Back: IFWEA's 22nd General Conference in Peru and Way Forward 2016 - 2019"


Weekly Labour News

COLOMBIA via Telesur English: "Colombia Announces New Fines Against Striking Truckers" by

"Transportation workers demand the government lower the price of tolls and gasoline, as well as increase cargo shipping rates through land by 30 percent, to benefit the country’s transportation union. The two sides began talks earlier this month, however negotiations were called off because the government contends that lowering fuel prices would cause inflation to spike."

FRANCE via Canadian Labour Reporter: "French government forces labour bill through Parliament" by

PARIS (AP) — 'France's government forced approval of a contested labour bill in the lower house of Parliament without a vote Tuesday — for a second time — because of resistance from the left and right.'


'It’s been more than a month since the presidential elections in the Philippines and 19-year-old Joseph still wears a wristband bearing the name of President Rodrigo Duterte as he carries out minor auto repairs and washes cars at a workshop in Pasay City, just south of the capital city, Manila. “Duterte is tough. He will lift us from poverty,” says Joseph when asked why he voted for Duterte who was inaugurated as president today.'

UK via The Guardian "Grieve now if you must – but prepare for the great challenges ahead" by Owen Jones

'Britain has voted to leave the European Union: here is a statement that continues to shock leavers and remainers alike. Earlier this month I wrote that “unless a working-class Britain that feels betrayed by the political elite can be persuaded, then Britain will vote to leave the European Union in less than two weeks”. And this – perhaps the most dramatic event in Britain since the war – was, above all else, a working-class revolt. It may not have been the working-class revolt against the political establishment that many of us favoured, but it is undeniable that this result was achieved off the back of furious, alienated working-class votes.'

SOMALIA: via Equal Times "Somalia: journalists and trade unionists face increasing violence and violations" by Chris Burns

"Twenty-four-year-old Sagal Salad Osman, a broadcaster and producer with the state-run Somali National Television (SNTV) and Radio Mogadishu, was near the University of Mogadishu where she was studying when two gunmen with pistols opened fire on her in early May."

USA: "Forget Hunger Strikes. What Prisons Fear Most Is Labor Strikes" by Raven Rakia

"Prisoners throughout Alabama and Texas reclaim their humanity—and power—by shutting down the economic infrastructure of their prisons. On May 1, prison labor came to a halt in multiple prisons in Alabama, including Holman and Elmore prisons. Starting at midnight that day, prisoners stayed in their dormitories—refusing to show up for work at their assigned posts: the kitchen, the license plate manufacturing plant, the recycling plant, the food processing center, and a prison farm. The prisoners’ demands were pretty simple: basic human rights, educational opportunities, and a reform of Alabama’s harsh sentencing guidelines and parole board."

GREECE: "Civil servants to join strike."

Greece’s ADEDY public sector union has called on civil servants to walk off the job on June 8 in solidarity with hospital workers and public school teachers who will be striking on the same day.