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 ▷EUROPE:  ◼︎ SWEDEN: ABF's "Ordet Fritt"

 'From 26th to 30th May 2016 ABF (the Workers’ Educational Association) in Sweden will organise a conference, Ordet Fritt in Göteborg.Ordet Fritt is intended to offer an inspirational forum for circle leaders, elected officials, staff of the ABF and representatives from our member and co-operation organisations for knowledge, exchange and skills development."
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 ▷EUROPE: "The Silver Rose stands for progressive and vanguard choices" An interview with Conny Reuter, Solidar Secretary General 

Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General on the 2016 Silver Rose Awards “We want to push long-term engagement on the topics of social justice, human rights and global solidarity and we want to convince more activists, politicians and decision-makers to centre their policies around them.”

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Latest News From The Secretariat

GLOBAL "May Day greeting from the IFWEA Secretariat"

"On behalf of the Executive Committee of IFWEA and the staff of the Secretariat, I wish to greet all our affiliates and the trade unions and worker associations they partner with and wish them success with their Mayday activities.On this historic day, I would also like to draw your attention to, and call on your support for the IFWEA resolution on Resourcing Workers Education, adopted at our 22nd General Conference in Lima in December 2015."

IFWEA Stands in Global Solidarity against Terror attacks: Message from General Secretary Sahra Ryklief, Editorials by IFWEA affiliate members Solidar in Belgium and LEF in Pakistan

General Secretary Sahra Ryklief reaffirmed IFWEA's approach of workers' education to build a democratic global society against extremism in a message to IFWEA affiliates in Pakistan and Belgium citing the Emergency Resolution Against Terrorism that was adopted in 2015 at its 22nd General Conference in Lima, Peru: “It is a great relief to know that you and your staff are safe after the shocking events. Our thoughts are with you and all in Belgium and Pakistan."

SOUTH AFRICA IFWEA and Shoprite Checkers UNI Alliance Meeting at Community House

photographs via FES Trade Union Competence Centre Sub-Sahara Africa -TUCC

ASIA: NEPAL, PAKISTAN and HONG KONG affiliates CLASS Nepal, Labour Education Foundation (LEF) and Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) Meeting

Director of LEF Khalid Mahmood and Executive Secretary General of CLASS Nepal Tilak Jang Khadka report on this regional meeting

PAKISTAN via Labour Education Foundation (LEF) "Trade unions, student unions, women rights NGOs, people’s movements have to come together to save our society." by Khalid Mahmood

'In Pakistan we need to have a very clear policy by the state to fight the ideology of extremism and militancy. There should be pubic discourse against extremis and state should encourage such progressive forces who are able to mobilise people against terrorism ideology. Trade unions, student unions, women rights NGOs, people’s movements have to come together to save our society. All the progressive, secular and democratic forces must stand together, under the banner of radical peace, justice and equality for all.'

SOUTH AFRICA: Introducing new IFWEA Affiliate Member - Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT)

"AFIT Contributes to workers education by developing and running participatory workshops and training events for farm workers. The training we do is based on the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and we have recently been working with the pedagogy of Augusto Boal who uses theatre as an education tool. We also support exchange visits between farms and it is workers at our AGM who area asked to provide input and direction to the organisations education focus. We see our meetings as important spaces for learning as well and we use meetings to build workers skills and knowledge."

EUROPE via Solidar: Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General "The day after…"

"All of us are still shocked by yesterday’s terrible terrorist attacks at Brussels International Airport and at the Maelbeek metro station, places where we (Belgians and Europeans) could have been – as we cross these places on a daily basis - on the wrong moment. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Our thoughts also go to those fire worker, policemen and –women, doctors, nurses and other staff who were immediately at the scene to help, support and save lives. The trauma will last longer than the headlines in the media. And again many questions will remain unsolved."

Weekly Labour News

FRANCE: "Strikes continue against French labour law changes" by

'Unions say 55,000 people took part in marches opposing overhaul that government says is needed to boost the economy.'


"Britain has the second-lowest number of workers covered by collective bargaining in Europe, behind only Lithuania. And yet, the UK government has won approval of a tougher new law for trade unions, who warn it would make legal strike action almost impossible."


'The advance of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), which represents a potential threat to students’ privacy, is being given free reign in Mexico, thanks to the passiveness of the education authorities and the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection (INAI).'

USA: "Their Blood Cried Out from the Soil: Workers’ Memorial Day 2016" by Clayton Sinyai

'Since 2003 the International Labor Organization has marked April 28 as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, but in the United States it has been marked for decades as Workers’ Memorial Day. It is the day when we remember the thousands of workers who die on the job every year in traumatic workplace accidents—almost all of them preventable. Most go largely unnoticed, but in recent months we have seen the conclusion of a spectacular saga from the world of West Virginia coal mines.'

TURKEY: "Global unions condemn Turkey detention of rights defenders"

'The ITF, Education International (EI), Public Services International (PSI) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF, the ITF’s European arm) have jointly written to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to condemn his government’s violations of rights and freedoms.'

GLOBAL: "In Synchronized Strikes Around the World, Workers #Fightfor15" By Nika Knight

'Minimum-wage workers in over 300 cities and more than 40 countries are striking for a living wage. From Glasgow to Bangalore to Moscow to San Diego, the message was the same: “no more poverty wages!” Declaring their right to a living wage, beleaguered workers around the world walked off their jobs on Thursday in synchronized global strikes. The protests were organized by the Fight for 15 campaign, which is underwritten by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and began as a U.S.-based movement four years ago when a few hundred fast food workers in New York went on strike for a $15 hourly minimum wage and the right to form a union.'
 ▷ IFWEA e-bulletion Issue 32 "Building a Global Knowledge Community"

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ASIA MONITOR RESOURCE CENTRE (AMRC) HONG KON"New research report up on our website today, on "Decent Work and Labour Rights for Working Women in ‪#‎Bangladesh‬" by our partner LIE.
The action research looked into the working conditions of women workers in the garments industry, waste picking, tea plantations, domestic work, construction work and many others."

© photo by Ziaul Haque