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IndustriALL Global Union is lookin for a: Regional Officer for its Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office

At the end of April, Herman Ntlateng will retire from the post of Regional Officer after years of dedicated service at the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office of IndustriALL Global Union in Johannesburg. While we wish Herman happiness in his well-deserved retirement, we now need to look for a new Regional Officer to start work as soon as possible

"Solidaritet med kamraterna i Malmö. #kämpashowan" Global ABF Sweden Campaign for Showan - study circle leader

Emma Gullstrand from IFWEA affiliate ABF Sweden writes about the start of this campaign supported by ABF Malmö. The campaign calls for global solidarity. Read more how the campaign against Nazism, xenophobia and homophobia started on 9 March and has following of over 23 000 on Facebook.

IFWEA's Online Labour Academy 2014 courses take off!

read more on the courses that happened in 2013, and the what's happening on this online learning platform. See photographs from affiliate organisations and learners in the different regions - just click on the OLA page

IFWEA 2013 Annual Review

Read the report on IFWEA activities by General Secretary Sahra Ryklief

ILWCH: International Labor And Working-Class History with IFWEA: International Federation of Worker Education Associations Call For Papers on “Workers’ Education and Global Labor Movements”

We have learned a great deal about the history of global working class in the modern era and about the economic, political, and social struggles that accompanied its rise. But we still know comparatively little about the educational institutions, relationships and practices working class movements have used to develop the capacity for sustained struggle, not to mention the ability to survive their defeats and institutionalize their victories. read more ... Call For Papers

Study Circle “ A Workers’ Education Platform in Cape Town for Socio-Economic Equality”

The IFWEA Study Circle project at Community House in Cape Town is reaching the next stage. Fifteen study circles facilitators were trained and will be setting up study circles during April - reports facilitator Saliem Patel

ASIA - Online Labour Academy pilots in Nepal with Center for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) Nepal

CLASS Nepal launches first online labour course with participants from 24 unions during 2013, reports director Tilak Jang Khadka.

FRONTLINE: Neville Alexander on Nelson Mandela - interviewed by John Carlin

A political activist, Neville Alexander was half Mandela's age when he arrived on Robben Island in 1964, the same year as Mandela. He was imprisoned there for ten years. read more

"Our condolences and tribute to Madiba" by Namrata Bali, Indian Academy for Self Employed Women (IASEW)

Dear Sisters and Brothers, We were saddened to learn of Madiba's passing. He has been such an inspiration to us all and we stand with you in solidarity to salute Madiba, his huge contributions to all of humanity and to the struggles for justice and equality everywhere.

watch: IFWEA Online Labour Academy (OLA) "Developing and strengthening Member Based Organisation of the Poor" in India -  a video produced by The Gujarat Women's Video Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) Information and Communication Co-operative Society Ltd. shows the experiences of SEWA's trainers and members as they participate in this online course, including the development of animation!  IFWEA and SEWA's collaboration in the online trainer and member training included the IFWEA affiliate Labour Education Foundation (LEF) in Pakistan's Khalid Mahmood.

check out more videos on the IFWEA channel...


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