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SOUTH AFRICA: IFWEA Secretariat presents "The Power of Change Lies Within Us" Video - Study Circles Project

IFWEA presents 'The Power of Change Lies Within Us' - looking at the establishment of study circles in Cape Town South Africa in the last period - using popular education to organise and campaign against poverty and equality...

EGYPT: "The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services Opposes the Anti Terrorism law Confronting terrorism can only be achieved by inviting all of the sectors and strata of society to participate and not to threaten them or exclude them."

'After the amendment of some of the articles in the first draft of the law approved by the cabinet in the beginning of last July a decree law number 94 for the year 2015 came out issuing an anti terrorism law dated August 15, 2015 and it was published in issue 33 repeated of the official newspaper. As usual everyone was surprised by the law published in the official newspaper on Sunday August 16. Thus surfaced once more a wave of arguments, objections and fears that the first draft had also raised. The government was content with partial amendments of its project that had been done in response to the notes of the Higher Council of Judiciary that were worth noting.'

AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: "New ILO handbook on Education for the Unions" launched by ILO's ACTRAV (Bureau for Workers' Activities)

'The handbook emphasizes the importance of training educators and focuses on ‘educating the union educator’ to implement education activities that are learner focused and based on the principles of solidarity and collectivism. It recognizes that education is a vital part of a union strategy and action plans because it encourages the involvement and confidence of workers to play a role in the union strengthening negotiations, representation and campaigns.

REGISTER NOW for IFWEA's 22nd General Conference... NOTE: update on Conference Fee

1) Category 2 – 3 affiliates in good standing can apply for a reduced concessionary conference fee if they register by 30th September 2015. 2) On application to the IFWEA Secretariat, Category 4 affiliates in good standing can apply for the waiving of conference fees and four nights shared accommodation costs for one delegate per organisation. This application should be made directly to the IFWEA Secretariat at the following email address:

IFWEA E-BULLETIN ISSUE 29 / Second Quarter 2015 / Register Now! On IFWEA's 22nd General Conference Website!

Greetings from the IFWEA Secretariat and General Secretary: "Registration for the IFWEA 22nd General Conference in Lima Peru, 5 – 7 December 2015 is now open! The theme of the Conference is “Precarity or Solidarity? The role of workers’ education in building the 21st Century global labor movement.” The 22nd General Conference theme flows directly from the theme of our 21st Global Conference in 2011 which was titled “Facing Flexibility”, and takes us to the next level of discussion. ▶ Read further for all links to 22nd General Conference, and to the rest of Issue 29

Labour News

EQUAL TIMES: "Yemen: la guerra que el mundo ignora y la crisis de refugiados que no podrá desdeñar" por Juan Cole

'Muchos de los miles de refugiados/as que ahora cruzan Grecia y Hungría de camino a países más acogedores como Alemania son sirios y kurdos que huyen de las guerras y la represión política en Oriente Medio.'

EQUAL TIMES: "Yemen: the war the world ignores, the refugee crisis it won’t be able to" by Juan Cole

'Many of the thousands of refugees now crossing from Greece and Hungary on their way to more welcoming countries such as Germany are Syrians and Kurds, fleeing the wars and political repression in the Levant. However, another large-scale refugee problem may be looming, and it is unlikely to leave Europe unaffected. The war in Yemen, already highly destructive, may be getting hotter as it reaches an endgame, with the potential for putting a large proportion of its 24 million people—a slightly larger population than pre-war Syria—on the road (or, more likely, the seas).'

EQUAL TIMES: "Vaca Muerta: posible Eldorado energético en Argentina para unos pocos" por María del Valle Guerra

'El hallazgo del gas de esquisto en Vaca Muerta, en la Patagonia argentina representaba la mayor promesa de progreso para la región en las últimas décadas, posicionando nuevamente al país en el primer plano mundial. Pero transcurrido un tiempo, los sueños se ensombrecieron.'

EQUAL TIMES: "Vaca Muerta: Argentina’s budding energy Eldorado…for a select few" by María del Valle Guerra

'The discovery of shale gas in Vaca Muerta, in Argentine Patagonia, was the greatest promise of progress for the region in recent decades, repositioning the country as a major global player. But with the passing of time, the dream has faded.

EQUAL TIMES: "Empresas europeas acusadas de explotar a obreros norcoreanos" por Tanja Milevska

'Se niega a dar su nombre y ni siquiera da un seudónimo, por miedo a lo que pueda suceder a su familia, que dejó atrás en Corea del Norte. Es uno de los 50.000 trabajadores que el régimen de Pyongyang « alquila » en todo el mundo a (muy) bajo costo a empresas privadas y públicas, según las informaciones reveladas por la base de datos sobre derechos humanos en Corea del Norte (Database on Human Rights Violations in North Korea (NKDB)).'

EQUAL TIMESEUROPE / NORTH KOREA / SOUTH KOREA: "European enterprises accused of exploiting North Korean workers" by Tanja Milevska

'He refuses to give his name, not even a pseudonym, so great is his fear for his family who have stayed in North Korea. He is one of 50,000 workers that the Pyonyang regime “leases” throughout the world for a (very) low price to both private and public enterprises, according to information revealed by the Database on Human Rights Violations in North Korea (NKDB).'

EQUAL TIMES: "Trabajo forzoso rampante en la cosecha del algodón de Uzbekistán" por Tula Connell

'Al personal sanitario que faena en los campos de algodón uzbekos se unirán estudiantes de tercero y cuarto de universidad, obligados por el gobierno a trabajar en la cosecha anual de otoño, según datos recopilados por el Foro Uzbeco-alemán de Derechos Humanos.'

EQUAL TIMES "Forced labour rampant in Uzbekistan cotton harvest" by Tula Connell

'Health care workers toiling in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan are to be joined by third- and fourth-year university students forced by the government to labour in the country’s annual autumn harvest, according to stories compiled by the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights.'

EQUAL TIMES: "Los sindicatos exigen una “transición justa” en la COP21" por Bryan Carter

'A menos de 80 días de iniciarse la tan esperada 21ª Conferencia de las Partes sobre el Cambio Climático (COP21), en París, cerca de 200 delegados y delegadas sindicales de aproximadamente 30 países industrializados y en desarrollo se reunieron la semana pasada en la capital francesa para establecer la posición común que defenderán durante la conferencia de dos semanas.'

EQUAL TIMES: GLOBAL "Labour unions push for a ‘just transition’ at COP21" by Bryan Carter

'Less than 80 days away from the much-anticipated 21st Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP21), in Paris, some 200 trade union delegates from about 30 industrialised and developing countries came together in the French capital last week to carve out a common position that will be defended during the two-week conference.'

BELGIUM / GLOBAL: "European taxi drivers block Brussels over Uber" by AFP

'Brussels (AFP) - Taxi drivers from across Europe caused huge tailbacks and blocked off Brussels airport as they descended on the EU capital on Wednesday to oppose the rise of Uber, the controversial ride-sharing app.'

EQUAL TIMES: "¿Quieren detener la muerte de los refugiados en el mar? Déjenles volar" por Bryan Carter

'La primera vez que vi la fotografía del pequeño cuerpo de Alan Kurdi tirado boca abajo en una playa de Bodrum fue en la portada del periódico belga que estaba leyendo en un avión de Bruselas a Turquía.'

EQUAL TIMES: EUROPE "Want to stop refugees from dying at sea? Let them fly" by Bryan Carter

'The first time I saw the picture of Alan Kurdi’s little body lying face down on a beach of Bodrum, it was on the front cover of a Belgian newspaper I was reading on a plane flying from Brussels to Turkey. It seemed tragically ironic that I was making the opposite journey to the one Alan’s family had attempted just the day before. However, I didn’t have to worry about hiding in truck containers, boarding overcrowded boats, escaping police or being mistreated by ruthless smugglers.'

EQUAL TIMES: AUSTRIA "Macondo: un microcosmos de los refugiados en Austria" por Maddy French

'El lunes 31 de agosto de 2015 es una fecha que la mayoría de los austriacos no van a olvidar fácilmente. Ese día llegó al país el número más alto de refugiados de toda su historia: 3.650 personas entraron a Austria desde Hungría en trenes abarrotados. 20.000 personas se lanzaron a las calles de Viena para protestar contra el trato que estaban recibiendo los solicitantes de asilo.'

EQUAL TIMES: AUSTRIA 'Macondo: Austria’s refugee reality in microcosm" by Maddy French

'Monday, 31 August 2015 is a day most Austrians are unlikely to forget anytime soon. As the country saw the largest number of refugees ever to arrive in a single day – with 3,650 people travelling on packed trains from Hungary – 20,000 people took to the streets of Vienna to protest against the treatment of asylum seekers.'

EQUAL TIMES: "Crecen las objeciones al proyecto de Código Laboral de Ucrania" por Kristina Jovanovski

'Los trabajadores y trabajadoras de Ucrania podrían ver sus derechos y su seguridad laboral seriamente amenazados en caso de que se apruebe el proyecto de Código Laboral – advierten los sindicatos. La sociedad civil no ha sido consultada en lo referente a las reformas propuestas, y sin embargo el proyecto de Ley nº 2983 sobre “registro público de personas físicas y jurídicas – empresarios y grupos comunitarios” está siendo actualmente considerado por el Parlamento de Ucrania y se anticipa que se convierta en ley a finales de este mes.'

EQUAL TIMES: "Objections mount over Ukraine’s draft labour code" by Kristina Jovanovski

'Workers in Ukraine could see their rights and job security severely threatened if a draft labour code is passed, trade unions are warning. Although civil society was not consulted on the proposed reforms, draft law no. 2983 “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individuals – Entrepreneurs and Community Groups” is currently being considered by Ukraine’s parliament and is expected to be passed into law later this month.'

EQUAL TIMES: "El “terremoto juvenil” de Corbyn – el favorito del Partido Laborista revitaliza al electorado joven. Pero ¿conseguirá ganar?"

'Conforme la contienda por el liderazgo del Partido Laborista del Reino Unido toca a su fin, el veterano diputado de izquierdas e inesperado favorito Jeremy Corbyn ha movilizado a miles de jóvenes en apoyo a su campaña. Si al final no consigue llegar al número 10 de Downing Street, su enfoque directo y contrario a las medidas de austeridad habrá logrado al menos renovar la participación de los jóvenes en la política británica.'

EQUAL TIMES: UK "Corbyn’s ‘youthquake’: Labour’s frontrunner energises young voters, but can he win?"

'As the UK’s Labour party leadership contest comes down to the wire, veteran left-wing member of parliament (MP) and surprise frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has mobilised thousands of young people in support of his campaign. If he doesn’t make it to 10 Downing Street, his straight-talking anti-austerity approach has at least renewed youthful involvement in UK politics.'

EQUAL TIMES: 'De Subway a Starbucks, la ilusión del consumo “sano” y “justo” ' por Benoît Bréville

'Encajado entre un banco y una boutique, el restaurante de bocadillos Subway de la Porte d’Orléans en París está a rebosar este lunes de julio. En menos de quince minutos, los clientes terminan su almuerzo y abandonan el local. El establecimiento pequeño y asfixiante en un día tan caluroso como hoy, además del alboroto constante, la música tecno de fondo y la luz de neón, no animan mucho a quedarse allí más tiempo del necesario. Subiendo por la Avenida Général-Leclerc, tras haber pasado un Buffalo Grill, otro Subway, un McDonald’s y un Burger King, llegamos a la enorme vitrina con el logo en forma de sirena del Starbucks. La atmósfera de este “salón de café” que abarca dos plantas climatizadas contrasta considerablemente con la del Subway: paredes pintadas con colores cálidos, música jazz, mesas de madera y sofás cómodos – todo está pensado para incitar al cliente a quedarse el tiempo que quiera, poniendo a su disposición incluso enchufes para conectar el ordenador portátil.'



Solidar: Call for Solidarity

Solidarity to Provide Aid to the Victims of the Earthquake that hit Nepal

A powerful magnitude 7.9 earthquake has struck Nepal and caused major destruction in the whole country. According to official numbers more than at least 3,900 people and injured 7,000people have lost their lives. It is feared that the number of deaths will keep rising. The epicentre of the earthquake was located only about 80 kilometres west of the capital Kathmandu. This was the strongest earthquake in the last 80 years. The Nepalese government has declared a state of emergency.

SOLIDAR members AWO International, ASB Germany, Danish People’s Aid, SOLIDAR Suisse, Samaritan Austria, Volkshilfe Austria, Norwegian People’s Aid together with their Nepalese partners, are working to raise funds and to deploy missions to the epicentre to help those people in need with first aid, shelter, medications, food and other support.

You can help the people in Nepal by making a donation to the SOLIDAR Foundation for Humanitarian Cooperation:
IBAN: BE53 7310 0861 1753
ACCOUNT HOLDER: SOLIDAR Foundation for humanitarian, development and European cooperation ASBL
Mentioning the following sentence when doing the payment: Nepal Solidarity

The incoming funds will be channelled to our members and their partners active in Nepal. SOLIDAR Foundation will regularly update on the use of the funds.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or remarks. The Nepalese count on your solidarity!



EQUAL TIMES  Video Series on Informal Work:

▶ In Morocco, some 70,000 people work in call centres, mostly for French companies. But another 30,000 endure hard working conditions in informal call centres.In English:
En français:
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EQUAL TIMES  Video Series on Informal Work:

▶ In Rwanda, moto-taxi drivers have secured better wages and social protection, thanks to the organising efforts of cooperatives and trade unions.
In English:
En français:
En Español:
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EQUAL TIMES  Video Series on Informal Work:

in India : 'Twelve-year-old Muhammad earns US$ 8 per month working in India gemstone industry. Nobody knows how many other children do the same. In English:  En français:  En Español:

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via IFWEA: SOUTH AFRICA "IFWEA presents 'The Power of Change Lies Within Us' - looking at the establishment of study circles in Cape Town South Africa

▶ watch here



via WIEGO: THAILAND, INDIA and SOUTH AFRICA "This video by WIEGO and partners, Asiye eTafuleni(AeT) in South Africa; HomeNet Thailand; and the Self-Employed Women's Association in India tells the stories of informal workers and the difficulties they face in accessing health services in their respective countries. It also presents some of the solutions that each of these organizations has developed to mitigate against these barriers to access.
If you are interested in learning more on this topic, please read the accompanying blog post on our blog at"

▶ watch here


via Soundz of the South: SOUTH AFRICA "Performance Tribute to Marikana martyrs at the Zolani center. w/ Kusta, Mawethu Gejies and Karl Myx. Shot by Cde Anele"

▶ watch here



via Equal Times: Brazil: "Waste pickers of Brazil unite"

'In Ourinhos, Brazil, waste pickers got organised, got out of the informal economy and, in the process, managed to secure a better standard of living.'

▶ watch here


via Equal Times:  India "Child labour and exploitation in India's cotton fields"

"Some 20 per cent of workers in Gujurat's cotton fields in India are thought to be children. They are unwilling recruits of a massive forgotten army of child labourers, who work alongside their mothers and fathers from day to hard-scrabble day, families at the very base of India’s labour pyramid."

▶ watch here

via International Labour Organisation (ILO): "Very few of the estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide are covered by labour laws. In 2011, the ILO's Member States adopted the Domestic Workers' Convention (N°189) to protect their rights, promote equality of opportunity and treatment, and improve working and living conditions. So far, 17 countries have ratified this convention. Let's keep the momentum!"

▶ watch here




International Labour Organisation's World Employment Social Outlook:
'It's not just employment trends which are changing. It's the very nature of jobs. Here's what that means.'

▶ watch here


TURKEY via ILO: 'Like hazelnuts? In Turkey, they're often harvested by children. But that's starting to change.'
TURKEY via ILO: 'Like hazelnuts? In Turkey, they're often harvested by children.But that's starting to change.'

▶ watch here



INDONESIA via LO-TCO Biståndsnämnd 'Indonesian workers need stronger unions, increased minimum wages and social security, according to Prihanani Boenadi of the Indonesian metalworkers union FSPMI.'
watch the interview here



BANGLADESH via International Labour Organisation:

'Who says a woman can't be an electrician?'

▶ watch the video here

SOUNDZ OF THE SOUTH: 'Train Cypher against Xeno/afrophobia attacks in Azania'

in South Africa : 'Train Cypher against Xeno/afrophobia attacks in Azania [uncut video] by  Soundz of the South Sos  With Khusta, Java, Bongs, Ntska Freeze, Anela, Phillippi High Speaks Shot by C'de Anele, Organised by Solitude and C'de Anele'

watch the video at