YGAP 2017 at Community House Cape Town South Africa

IFWEA’s 6th annual YGAP programme took place during October. The programme is run by the IFWEA Secretariat based at Community House in Cape Town. This year the young worker educators came from organisations based  in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Colombia, Venezuela, Cambodia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Finland.

YGAP includes course work done by participants on IFWEA’s Online Labour Academy (OLA) before coming to Cape Town, and ends with the presentation of the “Postcard” after the two weeks. During 2017, the programme included: the theory and practice of worker education, youth political education, UNESCO Media and Information Skills (MILS)-The ABC of reality checks for worker educators, participatory  techniques of worker education for social change, measuring the success and assessing the impact of our work, media ethics for solidarity education and internships at partner organisations.

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