GLOBAL – IFWEA 2018 ACTIVITY REPORT by General Secretary Sahra Ryklief and Secretariat Team


“To all the IFWEA organisations who paid their affiliation fees; put forward their leaders to participate on the Executive Committee;contributed to the Secretariat directly through solidarity fee contributions; through strategic advice and dialogue; through fundraising for our participation in our programme activities; through information dissemination; through participating in the Online Labour Academy, the Foundation Skills for Social Change programme; the Study Circles for Social Change Project and our flagship Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme, I thank you.

With your highly valued contributions as our resource, we make our Global Knowledge Community a reality.

At the recent IFWEA Executive Committee, we adopted the slogan “We have met the solution, and it is us”. Despite the enormous challenges faced by the democratic labour movement, with continuous education we build confidence, purpose, resilience and solidarity to face and overcome them.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the staff of the Secretariat, I wish you well over the year-end festivities and look forward to renewed activity in 2019.” 

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EDUCATION PROGRAMMES REPORT: by Programmes Manager Saliem Patel and Online Curriculum Developer Renaldi Prinsloo

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RESEARCH REPORT: Sarah Jay is a researcher from the University of Limerick in Ireland who is currently working on a 3 year international research fellowship with a secondment with IFWEA. Her research will assess the impact of the “Making Your Mark / Be Heard” education programmes.

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COMMUNICATIONS REPORT: by Communications Co-ordinator Erna Curry

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