Who we are

Our Motivation: Purpose and Vision

IFWEA is an international federation of worker education associations, constituted in October 1947.  The purpose of IFWEA (see Constitution/Statutes)  is to advance the education of the public with respect to the democratic labour movement; and to promote the carrying out of free and voluntary educational work, according to the principles of solidarity and cooperation, justice and equality, and democracy and freedom. IFWEA’s highest decision making body is the International General Conference, which meets every four years and elects the General Secretary, President and Executive Committee.

IFWEA held its 22nd General Conference in Lima, Peru in 2015 – see Resolutions and Gallery of that Conference here ) The  Vision of IFWEA as adopted at 22nd General Conference is a world where all working people have access to lifelong learning opportunities which enable them to claim and exercise their inalienable democratic rights, responsibilities and freedoms as global citizens.

IFWEA has 45 NGO affiliates in 30 countries (see Affiliates). The IFWEA Secretariat is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, and acts as a global resource hub for affiliate organisations to collaborate, share resources and deepen their understanding and practise of continuing adult education for the benefit of all.  IFWEA’s website and Online Labour Academy (OLA – see www.ifweaonline.org), enables resources to be shared, and video conferencing facilities, internships and exchange visits allow for activities to transcend the local, promoting an international approach and allegiance to universal democratic rights.


What is IFWEA?

IFWEA is a global federation of worker educators. We are independent of governments, state institutions, political parties and employer organisations. As the only international organisation  for worker educator associations, we are an integral part of the international labour movement. Our promotion and advancement of public education with respect to the democratic labour movement  is aimed at building a conscious, organised and diverse global movement. Our ethos as educators is not to concentrate solely on what is to be done, but specifically on what must be learned, in order to formulate what is to be done. IFWEA has observer status with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and shares mutual membership with SOLIDAR in Brussels, Belgium.


Who is IFWEA?

We are worker educators, which means our affiliates provide education to trade unions (on a national, regional and global level) and member-based associations in worker communities. They are labour support NGOs; workers’ colleges; adult education units based at universities which supply formal, informal continued adult education on work/social issues; and community-based organisations dealing with class and work-related social issues. We have affiliates in a number of countries around the world including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Nepal, New Zealand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Cambodia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bolivia, Peru and the United States of America.