TITLE: “Social Protection in the Grassroots Perspective: A Training Manual” PUBLISHED BY: Asia Monitor Resource Centre, 2017  LANGUAGE: English HOW TO USE:  AMRC developed this training manual to serve as an educational tool that the grassroot organisers can use to build up the workers’ awareness on social protection and to assist them in formulating their own demands on social protection. It encourages grassroots workers to look beyond the traditional definitions of social protection by examining it in the context of the current oppressive economic and political structures. The manual can be used by various kinds of labour organisations, such as trade unions, labour NGOs and informal workers’ groups. ▶️  download here  Social Protection in the Grassroots Perspective: A Training Manual


TITLE: “Basic Shopstewards’ Training Manual”

PUBLISHED BY: Workers World Media Productions, 2013

▶️  download the manual Basic Shopstewards’ Training Manual ENGLISH


Programa Laboral de Desarrollo – PLADES


TITLE: “Our Rights”

PUBLISHED BY: Institute for Social Development (ISD), Sri Lanka

LANGUAGE: Indonesisan (bahasa Indonesia)

▶️  download the manual “Our Rights”

TITLE: “Improving Lives and Communities through Learning WEA Adult Education Impact Report 2016”

PUBLISHED BY: Worker Education Association (WEA), UK, 2016


▶️ read and / or download here WEA Adult Education Impact Report 2016

THEME: Organisational Building and Campaigning    TITLE: “Organising Manual”    PUBLISHED BY: International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), 2015     HOW TO USE: The ITF organising manual is for trade union educators and activists who want to develop and strengthen their organising skills. The manual contains real organising examples of  ITF unions. ▶️  download ENGLISH  Manual.pdf  /  العربية  .pdf  / FRENCH Manual.pdf / GERMAN Manual.pdf /  PORTUGUÊS Manual.pdf / SPANISH Manual.pdf / TURKISH Manual.pdf

TITLE: “SOCIAL SOLIDARITY ECONOMY Basic training module for organisations”

PUBLISHED BY: StreetNet International 


▶️  download the manual SOCIAL SOLIDARITY ECONOMY

TITLE: “Hearing the Unheard A Process of Learning, Challenging and Moving Forward”

CONTENT: Workers’ Stories

PUBLISHED BY: Labour Education Foundation (LEF), Pakistan


▶️  download here Hearing the Unheard Workers’ Stories

TITLE: “Kulttuuritulkkiopas”

CONTENT: Cultural Interpreter Guide – The Workers’ Education Union educates cultural interpreters to help immigrants integrate into Finland. The training has resulted in a plain language interpreter guide.

PUBLISHED BY: Työväen Sivistysliitto TSL ry 

▶️ read and/or  download here Kulttuuritulkkiopas

THEME: Building Democratic Membership in Trade Unions

TITLE: International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH)

ISSUE TITLE: “Workers’ Education and the Global Labor Movement”, Fall 2016

ISSUE EDITORS: Michael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman 


Senior Editors’ Note:  “Workers’ education is the main theme of ILWCH 90. Education played a key role in the elaboration of the imagination, the discourses, and the claims that were the foundation of working-class politics. Yet, this vital dimension of the la- boring experience has been relatively neglected by historians.By assembling these diverse but related articles, Michael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman have revealed the central place of education in workers’ lives and expectations over the last two centuries.”

“The significance of the research presented in this issue is all the more important because, as the editors’ emphasize in their introduction, workers’ education is neglected today as trade unions grapple with shrinking re- sources and more immediately pressing imperatives in a rapidly neoliberalizing world in which workers’ rights and benefits come under constant attack”

▶️  download the articles below: Click on PDFs to read and download