Champions of Worker Education

Champions of Worker Education

At IFWEA’s 22nd General Conference in Peru in 2015, members gave input on the question:

“Who is the most important pioneer or originator of your workers’ education or association?”

Below is a list of the Champions of Worker Education, picked by affiliates from 2015 to now. They are individuals who have influenced and inspired educators globally.

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•    BRAZIL – Paulo Freire

•    PERU – José Carlos Mariátegui

•    USA – Myles Horton

•    USA – A.J. Muste

•    USA – Harry Van Arsdale Junior

•    INDIA – Ela Bhatt

•    INDIA – Mahatma Gandhi

•    NORWAY / SWEDEN – Elise Ottesen-Jensen

•    SWEDEN – Maja Sandler

•    SWEDEN – Oscar Olsson

•    SWEDEN – Rickard Sandler

•    UK – Raphael Samuel

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