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TITLE: “UNESCO Global Media and Literacy (MIL) Week – Workshop in South Africa by Fredrik Holmberg, Linnea Fant and Mikael Kowolski of Filmpedogogerna Folkets Bio” 

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THEME: Organisational Building and Campaigning    

TITLE: “Organising Manual”

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THEME: Building Democratic Membership in Trade Unions

TITLE: ” International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH)”

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TITLE: “Social Protection in the Grassroots Perspective: A Training Manual”

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Programa Laboral de Desarrollo – PLADES

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TITLE: “SOCIAL SOLIDARITY ECONOMY Basic training module for organisations” 

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TITLE: “Our Rights”

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“Manual Derechos Laborales”

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TITLE: “Improving Lives and Communities through Learning WEA Adult Education Impact Report 2016”

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TITLE: “Kulttuuritulkkiopas”

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TITLE: “Hearing the Unheard A Process of Learning, Challenging and Moving Forward”

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TITLE: “Basic Shopsteward’s Training Manual”


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TITLE: “Labour Research Service (LRS) Inflation Monitor October 2017” 

CONTENT: The Inflation Monitor is a monthly publication produced by the Labour Research Service. It contains the latest inflation statistics sourced from Statistics South Africa.

PUBLISHED: November 2017

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TITLE: “An inclusive Europe – Co-creating young peoples vision for the future of Europe – The youthUP facilitation guide”

PUBLISHED: February 2017

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TITLE: “Worker Education A Guide for Trade Unions”


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Fecha: Octubre 2017

Tipo: Estudios de Investigación

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TITLE: “Going for Broke: A case study of Labour Brokerage on Fruit Farms in Grabouw” 

PUBLISHED: November 2008

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TITLE: “Green Youth Organizing Manual


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TITLE: “Workers’ Lives Series”

CONTENT: ‘Workers’ Lives use descriptive profiles of individual workers to explore informal employment. The series illuminates, in different contexts, the living and working environments of informal workers and how they experience first-hand the impact of policies and organizing initiatives.’

PUBLISHED: 2012 – 2014

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TITLE: “Forging Solidarity – Popular Education at Work”

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