SOUTH AFRICA – GLOBAL: IFWEA affiliate Workers World Media Productions (WWMP)’s “Workers’ World Labour Show” partners with International TransportWorkers Federation (ITF)’s Conferences in Cape Town, South Africa.

Can you tell us about the labour television show and the audience it is targeting?

  • The labour TV show is a weekly 30 minute or 1-hour show that is broadcast on Cape Town TV locally and via the DSTV satellite channel 263, reaching a national audience. Since it deals with socio-economic and political issues relevant to and from a working class perspective, it targets workers and their communities, including interested middle class people and the intelligentsia. It is mainly an in-studio panel discussion with 3 – 4 guests that is preceded by a 4-minute documentary insert on the topic.


How does the WWMP labour television show bring education and information to people?

  • By focusing on key issues that the mainstream media either neglects for distorts with their own class bias and prejudice. The orientation of the show is also to provide valuable information and analysis that empowers, raises critical questions about important role-players in society, “social partners” – government, business and labour in dealing with the issue. Moreover, it encourages viewers to organise and act.


Please describe the production partnership with ITF?

  • The partnership in producing the special show with the ITF was wonderful since we were able to have international guests in studio. Moreover, they could share their international experiences and insights and link these to local concerns. Underlying the show with their presence was also fulfilling our meagre efforts in previous shows to highlight an international perspective. The co-operation with the ITF was efficient, professional and mutually respectful and this only leads excellent outputs. Moreover the show was recorded and can now be used on various other platforms like You Tube, Vimeo and distributed via social media. It can also be used for a long time in the ITF’s educational programmes and a record of a special event in their history and development. We are keen to have more of such partnerships in future.


WWMP encourages all to tune into the labour show by watching Cape Town TV (free access) and Channel 263 on DSTV (pay channel) in South Africa on Thursdays at 7pm, with repeats on Fridays at 10:30am and Sundays at 6pm.”


Martin Jansen is Director of WWMP and Executive Director of the Workers’ World Labour TV Show, Sharon McKinnon is Production Co-ordinator, Producer, ITF producers were Gemma Walker and Andy Khan-Gordon, ITF guest co-ordinator was Courtney Pesquex.


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