Study Circles Launch

Five study circles have been launched with the following topics:

  • ‘Equal rights for contract cleaners’
  • ‘Equal conditions for domestic workers’
  • ‘Women and children abuse in a patriarchal society’
  • Women’s rights to inform women’s decisions’
  • ‘How unequal is income distribution in South Africa?’


There were 60 participants from at least 6 unions involved in the study circles with 70% of the participants being women. There were plans to launch more study circles later in 2014. During 2014 the project developed at Community House in Cape Town to its next stage. Fifteen study circles facilitators were trained and set up their plans. The study circles were focused on socio-economic equality, under themes like income inequality, abuse of women and children, housing and community services, forms of employment and social protection. This is a space for grassroots leaders to develop their views and take action.


Community care workers’ study circle – September / October

Study Circles co-ordinator Saliem Patel reports: “The care workers have formed a study circle in Cape Town and they are planning a range of events during October and November to highlight the precarious nature of work of community based care workers and raise awareness of the rights and health risks involved in their work. The project builds capacity of members to educate members. This can also show how the practice of lifelong learning is important to build sustainable civil society organisations.


Solidarity Exchange – South Africa and Sweden: November / December

Study circles co-ordinator Saliem Patel reports that the exchange tour activities included visiting partners in worker and popular education in Sweden, with trade unionists Dot and Lubabalo, who are  study circle facilitators.

The group visited partners ABF Skane where they: ‘Learnt so much and was looked after so well’ and at ABF Lund: ‘So many new ideas and possibilities explored.’