The global knowledge community of worker educators announces our new affiliates joining us this year. INAESIN is the Instituto de Altos Estudios Sindicales in Venezuela – the institute of higher education in trade union studies. Since 1978 they have been developing in trade union education and training. Join them on Facebook here, and explore their website here.

From Sweden we are joined by Sunderby Folkhögskola. It is a public education institution started in 1898 and currently serves about 275 students annually. With its member organisations, the school aims to stimulate active citizen participation in society. Learn more about them on Facebook here.

ZCIEA is the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Education Associations – a national membership driven organisation representing the informal traders associations of Zimbabwe, started in 2002. It is made up of the self -employed and informal employees engaged in small unregistered or un-incorporated enterprises and undeclared. Their vision is decent standards of living for all Zimbabweans in a stable economy, and their mission is alleviating poverty through transforming informal economy activities into mainstream activities. Join them on Facebook here. 



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