SWEDEN: Renata Fejzulovic

What is your organisation and position?

I work at ABF as an Operations Developer, and this is a special project area to handle. My job is to help disability organisations and foundations.

What kinds of activities do you do in the course of your work?

We have regular meetings with the organisations throughout the year, so we can see what their interests are for the next year – it could be to learn about diseases for example. I am helping them out when they want, they contact me by phone or email. They have a programme for 2018, and I will follow up on that, sometimes I will visit their projects. Often they have activities on holidays because people can often come at that time.

How do you see your role in these activities?

I am a helping hand – like management. I have about 25 organisations that I help out, so it is all from heart disease to stroke to cancer to diabetes, so the ages vary. The organisations have mixed ages so it depends on the group you work with, which age group they are.

What are the activities of the disability organisations?

All of this is education for themselves, how to live with their disease, from health to meditation to food so that they can balance their disease and live a normal life. Or they will have someone to show them new tools to make their life easier, so it is up to them. They often manage to have these activities over the weekend, so it is not a study circle. That government money is for special times, you must have the activity for 8 hours straight for one day, or 16 hours over two days and it is up to the organisation how to manage the project. The difference between this area of education and study circles is huge.

Are these organisations using study circles?

We still help them out to have study circles but then it’s my colleague because this is a special area of work, but ABF still provides help with the study circles.

What kinds of resources are available to do these educational activities?

I got a special economic help from government directly so it is very special. They pay the organisation every year after you have documented.

How has YGAP impacted on you?

I found it very special and interesting to see our co-operation between ABF and IFWEA as I have heard of it, so it was fun to see the good work. I will always have this experience in my heart, to see how organisations work here, to see how people are struggling here.

Actually the most amazing thing I will take with me is the will from people, their passion, they never give up. They are so strong, they want to make the world a better place , they want to make South Africa a better place for everybody.

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