PAKISTAN “Building Democratic Trade Unions”

–  a report from Lahore by Khalid Mahmood, Director of LEF

In May, LEF held its two days training on OLA its office in Lahore, in which 24 learners from 7 trade unions and 3 labour NGOs participated. In this way, OLA is a way forward in bringing in new technology for trade union worker education and training. LEF will be training tutors from participating trade unions and organisations, so that they can develop their own online training programs.

During the Mid-Term Review Workshop held on 12 August at Kathmandu, current OLA participants from CLASS Nepal, and former participants from LEF shared their learning process and outcomes through a video conference between the two countries. Khalid Mahmood and Tilak Jang Khadka had been facilitating OLA course as tutors in Pakistan and in Nepal respectively.

There are 24 short courses inside the “Democratic and Women Friendly Trade Union” Framework. It is designed to be covered in 6 weeks, this was completed by 7 trade union scholars and trainers in Nepal.

The trade unionist participants are enriched at the end of the course with the theoretical knowledge of democracy, and creating more forums to organise more working women into trade union movement.