Global Women’s Leadership Course: A view

Global Women’s Leadership Course: A view

Yoshida Quinteros was part of the Global Women’s Leadership Course which was facilitated by Namrata Bali from IFWEA affiliate Indian Academy of Self Employed Women (IASEW). More than 24 women from 11 countries participated in the online course. Here Yoshida, who is currently based in Spain and is part of CENAC, Bolivia, talks about her experiences:

Why did you sign up for the Global Women’s Leadership Course?

I did it because I few years ago I worked with women and I was able to see, from close up, the need for a leadership course for them. Not because they’re not good leaders – but because as a leader one always has new things to learn. My aim is to replicate the course in the Spanish language if there is enough time and resources.

How have you managed?

It took me several hours to go through the readings, especially because of the language. It also took me a lot of time to do the tasks because as a (linguistic) outsider, I felt I needed to read more between the lines or the images.

Has it been good to be doing the course with women leaders from around the world? Have you all had different experiences?

It felt amazing to be doing the course with women from around the world. It definitely helps to understand better that women’s situations change a lot when the country changes.

Has it been difficult, in any way?

It hasn’t. It took me some time to do the tasks because some of them required getting in touch with other people and because my Mother tongue is not English. But in general, it was very entertaining and interesting.

What has been the best part?

I really liked the introduction and analysing pictures.

How will you use the course afterwards?

I would love to create a Women’s Leadership Course in Spanish.

Is it different, doing a course that is all with women, for women?

From my point of view, it is not different. But maybe we are missing a male perspective that could be really different from the conclusions we got from this course.