IFWEA Online Courses 2020 update

IFWEA Online Courses 2020 update

Rising to the many challenges presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic, IFWEA has produced several new online courses for 2020.

Online courses in the Foundation Skills for Social Change Programme planned for the second half of 2020 were brought forward as a result of Covid-19 and the travel restrictions imposed in numerous countries. The Global Women’s Leadership Course, facilitated by Namrata Bali from the Indian Academy of Self Employed Women (IASAW), attracted 24 participants from organisations in 11 countries. This participatory and interactive course used diverse methods to share experiences and increase engagement, including WhatsApp and weekly online video meetings using Blue Jeans.

The heightened demand for IFWEA affiliates to run online courses led to How to Design an Online Course being held twice. The course lasts over a month and it was run first during March/April and for the second time starting on 20 June and ending on 20 July. The first course attracted 23 participants while the second course attracted over 43 participants. Most participants are educators from IFWEA affiliates. There are also participants from trade unions and organisations that are not affiliates but part of the broader democratic progressive movement. As a result of taking this course, five affiliates are now preparing for their own roll out of online courses during the second half of the year, requiring mentoring from the IFWEA Secretariat.

Three new online courses designed

Three new online courses were designed in the Foundation Skills for Social Change Programme. These courses were to be designed later in the year but brought forward due to the demand for introducing online education to grassroots leaders during lockdown and restrictions on movement in various countries. These courses are:

  • How to obtain and manage an email account
  • How to use WhatsApp for education
  • How to run an online study circle

These are critical and practical courses to enable grassroots leaders to participate in online education and for them to introduce digital communication into their organising strategies, campaigns and information provision to members of their organisations. These courses will be piloted in the second half of the year with grassroots activists from five affiliates.