IFWEA Programme Highlights July – December 2020

IFWEA Programme Highlights July – December 2020


Online with the Nigeria Labour Congress

IFWEA is currently running an online study circle with the Nigeria Labour Congress. 16 NLC educators are learning to design online courses. Three different platforms are being used for this learning programme:

  • A WhatsApp group.
  • A weekly online webinar, to talk about what everyone has experienced in that week, to address challenges and to speak about methods. This takes the form of a one-hour online Zoom or BlueJeans meeting to discuss the challenges encountered.
  • The IFWEA OLA platform (Online Labour Academy) – for activities, steps, discussions and guidelines for each step of the way. This is the platform used to design the courses on.

We speak to Dr. Muttaqa Ushau, Education Officer of the Nigeria Labour Congress, on why NLC chose IFWEA to run this course, what they hope to achieve, and the challenges facing Nigeria’s labour movement. Click here

Online Study Circle with Streetnet

Eight StreetNet co-ordinators are currently learning to design online courses on negotiation skills and social protection. The course features one weekly online webinar, as well as using the IFWEA OLA platform (Online Labour Academy).

Designing online courses with LEF

IFWEA is assisting LEF Pakistan to design two online courses and pilot them. Irfan Hoat speaks about Online Participatory Adult Literacy for Workers and why it’s important for workers in Pakistan to be able to read – and understand – their rights. Click here

Convention 190 online Study Circles

Eight organisations are participating in online Study Circles focusing on the ratification of the ILO Convention 190 (C190), Violence and Harassment at Work.

The participants will be trained in participatory research and education methods and conduct research in their countries about the obstacles and opportunities for the ratification of ILO Convention 190.  This is so that they can participate in national dialogue processes, raise awareness in their organisations about violence and harassment and develop a critical voice that promotes the ratification of C190 and improves organisation to counter violence and harassment at work.

The organisations are Centre for Labor and Social Studies (CLASS, Nepal), Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association, (IDEA, Cambodia), Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia (FSPMI, Indonesia), Institute for Social Development (ISD, Sri Lanka), Centro de Accion al Cambio (CENAC, Bolivia), Programa Laboral de Desarrollo (PLADES, Peru), Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA, Zimbabwe) and Instituto de Altos Estudios Sindicales (INAESIN, Venezuela).

 The objectives include:

  • Learning the importance of self and collective learning through the online Study Circle method.
  • Obtaining information on Convention 190 and applying it to develop a strategy and plan on how to engage stakeholders in the next year.

The programme will include five different sessions with guidelines, online meetings, online training on technology and media awareness-raising.  

IFWEA will support participating organisations with 1500UDS to assist Wi-Fi/DATA and other costs they might have.