Become an Affiliate

Become An IFWEA Affiliate


To apply for membership:

  1. Please read the membership information carefully.
  2. Download the IFWEA Affiliate Membership Application, fill in and email along with a copy of your Constitution and a description of your organisation’s activities.
  3. Email the application and supporting documents to


IFWEA Affiliate Membership

Applications for membership are welcomed from any organisation with an interest in workers’ education, provided it meets criteria and accepts the principles established in the constitution, and pays affiliation fees as agreed at General Conference. All applications (forms are available from the IFWEA website) must be accompanied by a copy of the organisation’s constitution and a recent report of activities, and membership is subject to approval by the Executive Committee.


Associate Membership is also available for individuals who wish to keep abreast of developments in workers’ education, or wish to formally express their support for the work of the Federation. Associate membership is open to any individual who supports the aims and objectives of IFWEA, upon payment of a fee, subject to approval from the Executive Committee. Associate members are entitled to receive all IFWEA publications and reports of activities, and attend IFWEA events, subject to the agreement of the Chair or presiding representative, but are not entitled to vote, to represent IFWEA, or be nominated for election to IFWEA representative bodies.



IFWEA Affiliation Fees

Affiliation fees are paid on an annual basis according to four categories of membership, at rates determined by the General Conference.

US Dollars

Category 1                                   $ 4,299

Category 2                                  $ 2,577

Category 3                                  $ 1,290

Category 4                                  $ 431

Associate Membership            $ 100

Appropriate categories for each affiliate are determined by the EC when considering applications for membership.




APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP (Click here to download Application Form)

(Please type or print clearly)


Name of organisation :_________________________________________________________




Contact person: ______________________________________________________________




Position in the organisation: ____________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________




Telephone(s)  ________________________________________________________________


Fax ________________________________________________________________________




Web site ____________________________________________________________________


How did you learn about IFWEA? (e.g. from publications, attendance at IFWEA event, recommendation from current member)





Have you worked with any IFWEA member organisations before?





Which category of affiliate status does your organisation choose?






Is your organisation’s financial situation stable enough in the medium to long term to pay the annual affiliation fee for the category you have selected?










Are there any particular needs you have which you think that IFWEA could assist you with? What are these?





General Comments:









We wish to apply for membership of the International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA).


We know and accept the conditions for membership as defined in IFWEA’s Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association.


We attach to this form a copy of our constitution and a description of our activities.


Stamp and signature(s) of the responsible person(s) in the organisation.