Monica Widman Lundmark

Monica Widman Lundmark

Monica Widman Lundmark

Internal Auditor


Secretary General, ABF (Workers Education Association)

Chairperson, Studieförbunden (the national organization for study associations in Sweden)

Former headmaster for Medlefors, one of the folkhighschools run by the labour movement


The statement

One of the corner stones of the labour movement, the idea of international solidarity,  is very much being challenged. Nationalistic movements grow in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. The right to education for adults is important, not only for finding solutions but also to create a strong self-defense for democracy. And IFWEA has an important role to play to make education the sharp tool for developing new ideas and strategies for that. The non-formal education is aiming for personal development, active citizenship and a stronger position on the labour market for the individual but also for a more inclusive and participatory society. As a part of the IFWEA board I hope to be able to contribute to the development of IFWEA as well as getting inspiration for developing the international work of ABF.