#ICANTKEEPQUIET study circle – Solidarity with the women’s movement in USA, and globally

This global study circle was inspired by the anthem #ICANTKEEPQUIET sung by a choir of women at the Women’s March on Washington in the United States of America on 21st January 2017. The choir women came together in Washington from three different states, after practising together online for two days. After the lyrics, music and choral arrangement was made public by the artist MILCK. A study circle was initiated for interested affiliate members to learn the song, to share the experience and lessons, and produce different language versions of the lyrics. In South Africa, the study circle has formed under the name “Community House Choir” with members meeting there to practice. There was communication between affiliates in Bolivia, Sweden and Zimbabwe to translate the lyrics and record versions of the song. The song was been translated into Shona (Zimbabwe) and Spanish (Bolivia). The powerful lyrics urges those who are quiet,  to stand up and be heard – and has a special appeal to girls and women. The impact of the song has been to gather people together, express themselves and inspires unity.