Educator Profile: Renata Fejzulovic, Sweden

Renata Fejzulovic, Sweden

Renata Fejzulovic, Sweden

Educator Profile: Renata Fejzulovic – Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF) Sweden, October 2017

Renata Fejzulovic works at ABF Sweden in a special area of education, funded by government, supporting activities of disability organisations. She explains how she works to support the education activities of this network. As her two weeks at YGAP was coming to an end, she shares what her experience was.


On the kinds of activities she does with the organisations to support their education programmes:

We often have meetings during the year, to see what kind of interests they have for the next year. So I am helping them out if they want, or they can do it by themselves, but they will contact me, either face to face or email me. So, they have a programme for 2018, and I will follow up on their work and sometimes visit their projects. Often they have the activities on holidays for this kind of education, because people can often come at that time.


On what education activities the disability organisations do:

All of these activities is educating for themselves – how to live with their disease, or have somebody who will show them new tools to make their life easier, so it’s up to them. But often, it is about health and meditation and food, which is very popular now, so they can balance their disease with a normal life.


On the education methodology:

Often they manage to have the education activity on a weekend, so it is not like a study circle. This government money is for “special” events, you must have the activity for 8 hours straight for a day, or maybe you will do 16 hours over two days, so it is up to the organisation how to manage the project. The difference between study circles and this kind of special education event is huge, it’s totally different. We will still help them, but I will refer them to my colleague in ABF who will help them out with study circles.



I found it very special and interesting to see our co-operation between ABF and IFWEA because I heard of it, its’ very special for us in Sweden so it was quite fun to see the good communication and work between them and IFWEA.

Of course YGAP impacts me, I will always have this with me in my heart, just to see how organisations work here, and how people are struggling here in South Africa . Actually the most amazing thing that I will take with me is the will from people, their passion, they never give up. They are so focussed on making the world a better place, actually South Africa,  to a better place for everybody.