SWEDEN - Maja Sandler

SWEDEN – Maja Sandler

Maja Sandler (1877 – 1971) was a Swedish activist for humanitarian operations. She was married to a Swedish former prime minister Richard Sandler (prime minster between 1925-1926). Together they started ABF- the Swedish Federation of Workers Education Association. In the beginning of her life she was a stranger to the ideas of the labour movement, but later became a great admirer of it. She took several humanitarian initiatives, for instance, Save the Children and the Women’s Committee for the Children of Spain under the Spanish civil war. When she turned 70 years old she was honoured and given a price by the Swedish government and the Norwegian king for her humanitarian operations in Norway under the occupation during the Second World War. Since she’s a women, there’s not easy to find facts about Maja, compared to her husband Richard Sandler, but she was very known for her warm, wise and kind personality.

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