SWEDEN - Rickard Sandler

SWEDEN – Rickard Sandler

Rickard Johannes Sandler (29 January 1884- 12 November 1964) was a Swedish Social Democratic politician. He began in the government without a portfolio in 1920-1923, then minister for trade, prime minister after the death of Hjalmar Branting in 1925, and ultimately as minister for foreign affairs from 1932 to 1939. He was one of the youngest prime minsters Sweden has ever had, starting his admission at an age of only 41 years old. Before that he went to Uppsala University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree and worked as a teacher at the same school as his father in Kramfors, Sweden.

Sandler was an intellectual leader and one of the founders of The Workers’ Workers’ Educational Association (ABF) in 1912. He was the main writer of the Marxist-oriented party programme of the Social Democratic Party in 1920. He published material that was widely spread, called “The society as it is” (1911). Sandler is said to have a position in the “middle”, which means not too far to the left and not too far to the right. When the Social Democrats during its conference in 1929 demanded socialism á la the Soveit Union, the party board together with Richard Sandler managed to stop it. This is considered as an important development for the Social Democratic movement as a reformist movement, and beginning of the later prime minister Per-Albin Hanssons’ view of Sweden as “the peoples’ home”, as contrast to more radical reforms.

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