UK - Raphael Samuel

UNITED KINGDOM – Raphael Samuel

Raphael Samuel was the son of Jewish parents, born in London in 1934. Since his mom was an active member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, he joined the party very young. Together with other communists like E.P. Thompson, Christopher Hill, Edmund Dell etc. they formed the Communist Party Historians’ Group. Samuel also became a tutor at Ruskin College in 1962. In 1967 Raphael Samuel established the History Workshop movement and played a major role in the life of the History Workshop Journal that began publishing in 1975.

The socialist historian Keith Fleet, has argued: “Raphael Samuel was one of the most prominent historians in the country to support history from below – the attempt to actively recover the history of ordinary people and their movements. In many ways this was a step forward from the sometimes rather rigid orthodoxies of more mechanical Marxist histories.”

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