Downloads & Links

THEME: Women’s Leadership and Development


How to deal with the pain of others: Tips for educators, facilitators and researchers

Women’s ILO: Transnational networks, global labour standards and gender equity, 1919 to Present

Women in Labour History

Letting our Power Glow

Sacudir la indiferencia: Nuestras realidades como trabajadoras del servicio domestic

Financial Education for SEWA Bank Members

Workers’ Lives Series


THEME: Building Democratic Trade Unions


Félagsmálaskóli alþýðu – The Shopsteward’s Handbook

A History of Trade Unionism in South Africa

There is an alternative: The public sector

Restructuring the SA dairy industry: What impact?

Cuarderno de Trabajo /Work journals

Organising Manual

International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH): Workers’ Education and the Global Labor Movement

Manual Derechos Laborales

Basic Shopsteward’s Training Manual

Worker Education: A Guide for Trade Unions

Situacion del Trabajo Decente en el Peru 2016

Trade Unions in the Balance


THEME: Gender Equality


A quantum leap for gender equality: For a better future of work for all

The Transformation of Work: Challenges and Strategies | Putting Union Gender Equality Policy into Practice in South Africa: The Role of Transformative Leadership

Gender Based Violence: A comic book

Bullying and Harassment Training


THEME: Precarious and Informal Work


Future of Work for Tea Smallholders in Sri Lanka

Leaving No One Behind: Towards Sustainable Development of the Hill Country Tamil Community in Sri Lanka

Organizing Informal Workers into Trade Unions. A trade union guide

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Power of Informal Transport Workers

Summary report: Case studies of collective bargaining and representative forums for street traders

Rotten Fruit: Tesco Profits as Women Workers Pay a High Price

Social Solidarity Economy: Basic training module for organisations

Our Rights

Going for Broke: A case study of Labour Brokerage on Fruit Farms in Grabouw

Building Democratic Worker Organisation and Representation in the Informal Economy: A manual in two parts

Global Labour University Programme South Africa: University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


THEME: Mobilising for socio, economic and political campaigns


Future of Work in Sri Lanka: Shaping technology transitions for a brighter future

Estrategias y Herramientas de Comunicacion / Communication Strategies and Tools

Story of a Journey Across Europe: From First Reception to Integration of Immigrants

Let’s Get Organised! A Handbook for Trade Union and Community Activists

Social Protection in the Grassroots Perspective: A Training Manual

Hearing the Unheard: A Process of Learning, Challenging and Moving Forward

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2019

Building Bridges not Walls: The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on migration, displacement and education


THEME: Collective Bargaining and Workers’ Rights in the Workplace


Fortaleciendo la capacidad de las Organizaciones Sindicales

Financial Reporting: 15 Key Terms to Get You Started

Collective Bargaining Strategy and Tactics

Bargaining Indicator 2017

Labour Research Service (LRS): Inflation Monitor

Bargaining Indicator 2019

2019 ITUC Global Rights Index: The World’s Worst Countries for Workers


THEME: Participatory Learning Methods and Popular Education


Svenska(r) från dag ett: En studie av ABF’s arbete med asylsokande

Folkbildning av och för migranter

En kort introduction till cirkelledaren

Strategies for Embedding Community Engaged Learning within Universities and Communities

A Working People’s History

Empowering Adults Through Education / WEA Adult Education Impact Report


Forging Solidarity – Popular Education at Work


THEME: Organising and Educating Young Workers


ITF Youth Pack: Helping Unions to Help Organise Young Workers

Labor Writes 2015: We are the City

An inclusive Europe – Co-creating young peoples’ vision for the future of Europe – facilitation guide


THEMES: Recruitment Campaigns


Trusted to Make a Difference: Governing a non-governmental organisation

Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change


THEME: Occupational Health and Safety


Workshop on Occupational Safety and Health for Women Workers’ Educators

Cultura & Trabajo: Salud Y Trabajo


THEME: Using Media to Organise


UNESCO Global Media and Literacy (MIL) Week: Media and Information Literacy (MIL) workshop in Cape Town, SA