TITLE: “An inclusive Europe - Co-creating young peoples vision for the future of Europe - The youthUP facilitation guide"

THEME: Organising and Educating Young Workers

TITLE: An Inclusive Europe – Co-creating young peoples’ vision for the future of Europe – facilitation guide

PUBLISHED BY: European Youth Forum / youthUP / SOLIDAR,  February, 2017

WHO IS THIS FOR? Youth labour educators, labour NGOs, young trade union members, youth NGOs and civil society partners.

The European Youth Forum launched youthUP, a radical new campaign to crowd-source young people’s vision for the future of Europe. YouthUP, together with civil society partners, developed a number of workshop facilitation guides. These provide a step-by-step methodology for participants to follow to develop radical policy ideas for the future of Europe. They focus on six principles: participation, inclusion, rights, sustainability, peace, and health. The initiative is supported by SOLIDAR, a European network of Civil Society Organisations working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide.

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