TITLE: Gender Based Violence: A comic book

THEME: Gender Equality

TITLE: Gender Based Violence: A comic book


WHO IS THIS FOR? This report can be used by worker educators, story circles and community activists, particularly those focused on gender and work.

This comic book tells four stories of four very different people. Each story helps readers to understand better the three levels of Gender Based Violence (GBV):

  • Individual Oppression: Each of the people in these stories have been subjected to Gender Based Violence (GBV) as individuals on a personal level
  • Collective/Social Oppression: Attitudes and behaviour towards different groups of people causes everyone to suffer from Gender Based Violence (GBV) in communities
  • Structural/Institutional Oppression: The society we live in and the structures that support this society form the roots of Gender Based Violence (GBV) at a broad socio-economic level.

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