TITLE: International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH)

THEME: Building Democratic Trade Unions

TITLE: International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH): Workers’ Education and the Global Labor Movement

EDITED BY: Michael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman

PUBLISHED BY: International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH) / Cambridge University Press, 2016

WHO IS THIS FOR? This series of articles can be used by trade union educators, study circle facilitators and activists in the labour movement.

The thirteen articles cover Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America, exploring the importance of education in workers’ lives over the last two centuries. The articles also demonstrate the ways in which education and knowledge have been contested terrains for workers to build their political and their workplace strength. The significance of the research is all the more important because, as the editors’ emphasise, workers’ education is diminishing today as trade unions grapple with shrinking resources and other challenges.

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