Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme


The Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) takes place annually in the last quarter of the year. YGAP is hosted by the IFWEA Secretariat in Cape Town, South Africa at the historic labour heritage site, Community House. Community House is home to labour movements, labour research organisations, and media and human rights NGOs.  

What is YGAP?

YGAP is a vibrant exposure and exchange programme for young staff members of IFWEA affiliates and the labour organisations who are the beneficiaries of their services. For two weeks they are immersed in a programme of interactive workshops, seminars and short exposure placements in organisations working on labour, social justice and democracy issues. YGAP is a transformational learning experience, designed to build a global knowledge community of worker educators and labour organisers who share a common understanding of global challenges and solidarity.


To develop the next generation of worker educators who can collaborate and provide the global labour movement with the education required to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.  

Who can attend YGAP?

The programme targets young educators, trade union and youth leaders between the ages of 18 and 35 years, who are computer literate, speak English and are committed to building a democratic labour movement.  

Who are the programme partners?

Many of the participating organisations are pioneering innovative campaigns and solutions to meet 21st century challenges facing organised labour formations. The programme creates awareness and produces worker educators and organisers who can confidently design and deliver education on global solidarity in their home countries.

What happens during YGAP? Week 1: 

Participants attend a seminar programme facilitated by IFWEA Secretariat staff with input from participating IFWEA affiliates. The seminar programme encourages reflection through informed and purposeful interaction between the participants.

Week 2: 

Placements are created for participants to immerse themselves in practical grassroots experience through exposure to organisations working and organising around issues relevant to labour and social movements. Areas of interest of the host organisations include labour research; labour and community media; media rights; labour, rural and community organising; climate change; and gender.

Postcards: Messages of Learning and Solidarity: 

The programme concludes with participants producing an educational intervention to take back to their organisations in the form of a multi-media postcard. Participants receive guidance on cultural sensitivity and media ethics before preparing their postcards. You can view the postcards from 2012 through to 2018 on our YouTube channel here. Each year there is a slightly different focus in the programme.

How can you apply to YGAP?

Members of IFWEA affiliates and trade unions who are interested in participating in YGAP can apply by contacting the secretariat at IFWEA requests that affiliates and trade unions do their best to contribute to a fair gender balance in their delegation. Keep up to date with YGAP activities here